Digital inputs 1-7 not working...??

I seem to be having an issue with the digital ins not working on pins 1-7. I know pins 1 and 2 and used for rx tx, but for some reason I cannot get 3-7 to register any input. Pins 8 and up work just fine. I tested them with basic 5 volts going in, and nothing happening. The moment I got to pin 8 it registered just fine.

Any ideas come to mind as to what it might be?

I am using a SB-Freeduino v2.2, with a 328p chip. I currently use digital in 8, servos on pins 9,10, and temp sensors on analog inputs 1-4.

It's pins 0 and 1 that are used for serial I/O.

Ach yes, sorry, that's what I meant (the first two pins).

Any ideas what the lack of function of the other digital pins 2-7 might be?

Pins 2-7 just happen to be all on port D, there may be a connection there but I think you have to explain what "not working" means and even better post your code.