digital odometer/trip odometer help

Hi everyone, I am trying to create an 6 digit odometer, and a 4 digit trip odometer with EEPROM for a custom car using 7 segment displays, I have background knowledge on how the VSS of a vehicle works, i have a 16 pulse 3 wire sensor (neg,pos, sensor pulse wire) I also have the MAX7219 digital display and the TM1637 here, but I've been hunting on Google for guidance on pretty much anything I can work with, and hit quite a few dead ends...I heard that arduino is the place to make these types of circuits. I own an ONU, just been trying out different things, and it's pretty sweet!

I think this topic may have been forumed to death, if it has been, can someone direct me to a link? or if not can someone help me get started with a source code? any help will be great!

or, if someone knows of a company that creates schematics/source codes for this type of electronics for a fee...that would be helpful as well!

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