Digital/pdf copy of the starter kit projects book -- plus, have errors being fixed?

I bought the starter kit, but I lost the book.
It's released under a creative license... so... can anybody please share a link for me?
I would love to have the PDF.

Plus, do you know if the mistakes in it have been fixed?

Some users here mentioned some errors: PDF of book that comes with the Arduino starter kit

For example:

The most obvious one is on page 30, where Ohms law is misused. They totally neglect the voltage-drop over the LED, which at this voltage levels is a big error. The calculations are thus wrong, and the conclusions in error.

The text also uses non-standard terminology, such as “the amperage used by the LED”, which is at best strange and at worst wrong. All through Project 01 the concepts of voltage, current, power and energy are mixed up. The definitions of current and voltage on page 21 are wrong. The explanation of a resistor on page 25 and how it affects the light from a LED is wrong.

In addition there are lots of smaller things, such as that sensors convert energy into electrical energy, which very few of the sensors we use today actually does. And that a piezo element vibrates when it “receives electricity”, which sounds like an explanation from the 18th century.

There are also a number of strange definitions in the Glossary.


Errors: in the printed manual, Fig 2, p22 is totally wrong regarding electric current, which is fundamental. It should read, something equivalent to, Current at 1 = current at 4. Current at 2 plus the current at 3 = current at 1 = current at 4.

What is actually written is nonsensical and completely misleading.

For mistakes in the book, I suggest that you report them to Arduino:

Is this the one? Arduino Starter Kit Manual - PDF Drive

Nope, I don't think that is the book!

I'm not familiar with the starter kit so I don't know what the book looks like; the links that I found are mostly outdated (file no longer available). I suggest that you search a bit more and ask Arduino if they have one available in PDF.

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