Digital Pneumatic Tyre Inlflator

I am on a project to build a digital pneumatic tyre inflator for personal use for cars, two wheelers and bicycles. it will be quiet similar to those installed on the petrol pumps/ gas stations. i can easily buy it from the market for approximately for INR 20,000-30,000/- but i want to do it myself.

i want to use arduino, electro-pneumatic valves, a non return valve, flow control valve, safety valve, few push buttons and 20X4 LCDs and relays if required. i already have a small air compressor and i could locate electro-pneumatic valves and other valves by Janatics .

however, i am badly stuck as i am unable to find an appropriate pneumatic pressure sensor to sense the line pressure and interface it with arduino.

kindly guide me if any suitable sensor is available for use with arduino.

thanks in advance.

Well, I googled ‘Arduino air pressure sensor’ and this link seems promising as it actually mentions tyre pressures:

Any good? Let us know if you get it (or something similar) and how it went.