Digital Pot control

Hi All,

I currently have a circuit that uses a 10K digital pot. The wiper output goes from 0V to 5V over a 0.5sec period. This occurs when the input +12V through a bridge rectifier. This controller a 555 timer that clocks the digital pot. When the 12V is reversed the digital pot counts the opposite direction. All of this works perfectly BUT this digital pot is no longer manufactures and there is not replacement (that I know of).

It seems that nearly all digital pots are now micro controlled. This maybe a blessing as i think I can minaturise the circuit even more but it puts all the PCBs I have in the bin.

So to the project. Suggestions. I would like to use a small micro with UPDI (I will have a low number of available pins) to control a digital pot. I have been using an ATTiny3217 for other projects but for something I think is so simple may be a bit over the top.

Any suggestions?

What digital pot? Like these?

Unfortunately that one is too big. The one I have been using is AD5227BUJZ10.

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