Digital Pot Programming?

I found that, it's a MCP4151-103E/P, the only library i've found is 2 years old and out of date, anyone come across anything that works with 1.0.1+ ?


In the libraries .h file, did you change WProgram.h to Arduino.h?


is the simple answer… I attached the source code, how feasible is it to modify this? i’ve never really looked into how to code a .h yet lol (5.92 KB)

or, I found this…

This is supposedly able to work with this mode of chip, but there’s no example to call the object… lol yes sorry i’m that bad lol

So that compiles fine when i include the header, which leads me to believe I can safely use it, but I don’t really know what
the rules are for calling a function after including it in the header…

Which would be the easier? Rewrite the old code to make it work with the new IDE, or create an object from the mpcxxx lib?

cheers :slight_smile: (4.6 KB)