Digital Pot Question

A quick question, I was looking at the datasheet of these digital potentiometers,, could someone explain what exactly do they mean by "100,000 Data Changes per Bit"? Does that mean I can only write/command changes to the pot 100, 000 times?

I think that's the number of times you can write to the nonvolatile memory.

Flash memory wears out (writing only).
The SSD drive in your computer counteracts that by writing to different cells every time (wear leveling).
But eventually you could reach that 100000 writes.
Not an exact number though. It might last 300000 writes.
Usually not an issue though. It's more than 10 years if you write to the same spot every hour.

Got it. I guess I should avoid writing to memory then, as I actually need to adjust the pot every 5 secs when a motion sensor is active. Thanks.