Digital Potentiometer AD5162


I have a Maxwell Wien bridge project up and running (Measuring L-Q, C-D). For this HW two channels of a digipot are used and controlled by FW
it runs fine with AD5206 but only up to 100kHz. To improve the performance i changed to AD5162.
(next step is to upgrade to an ADG1438 (SPI) video matrix switch and some high speed OPAMP to get >>50MHz BW but that is for the future and will cause more bugs to happen)
I am not able to get the AD5162 to work although the AD5206 works just fine in the example sketch.
The reason for using the AD5162 i due to its much higher bandwidth.
In the data sheets for both digipots there are no essential differences concerning the SPI handling. “The redundant bits are ignored it says for the AD5162”
both have “MSB first” the clock frequency is no problem as my_Arduino NANO_ only runs at 16MHz and the potis can handle 25MHz CLK (running @ >100kHz CLK is fine for me)

I suspect the SPI.h lib file can not handle the AD5162 _but this is all beyond my skills to debug.

Are you able to Help? Anyone?

B. R. Erich.

#include <SPI.h>//anthill inside? (not intel inside)
const int SSPin=10;
const int VoltPin=9;//just put +5VDC to the pot wipers
void setup()
pinMode (SSPin, OUTPUT);
pinMode (VoltPin, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(VoltPin,HIGH);delay(10);//just put +5VDC to the pot wipers
void loop()
int channel=1;//the AD5162 has 2 channels 0 or 1
int level=127;//sets wiper to the center or 0 to 255
digitalPotWrite(channel, level);
int digitalPotWrite(int address, int value)
//nothing happens with the potentiometers resistance for the AD 5162 and no hardware errors are in my setup
//the AD5206 is doing this just fine.