digital ssi code

hi im looking at building my own servos like (dynamixel)

ive got the knowledge of components but lack the coding, side some thing im working on.

what im after is a hexapod thats main computer that is drive by a raspberry pi to a arduino.

and the servos 18 0f them

now for the servo i need a micro processor inside and use as5040 as a sensor.

i have this script but will not compile so first off need help their.

secondly i need to know how i would go about daisychaining 3 as5040 on the same script.

and thirdly how do i send info from main arduino to slaves.

if anyone can help point me in the right direction would be apprieciated.

digital_ssi.ino (1.97 KB)

{| border="1"
  position ||= d2;

i have this script but will not compile

Where did you get this rubbish from ?

I got it from reprap wiki page. mainly because i cant find anything other than that.

There is good information in this forum thread

Here is also a link to some code provided by an outfit which supplies AS5040 breakouts.