digital switch?

I am using arduino to measure the pressure at the hands and legs of a teddy bear with FSRs..
because it is battery operated I would like to consume as less power as possible..
I would like to cut the power -the 5V going to the voltage divider with the FSRs while the bear is at another mode..
is there a digital switch with a very small size for this purpose like an IC that has a digital input and switches on/off a circuit line?

Thank u

Your Arduino has several of them, and they're configurable too.

A mosfet should do the trick nicely. Something in the line of a FDY301NZ (SC-89) or MMBF170 (SOT-23), provided you are not switching more than 150-200mA continuously. There are a thousand to choose from with similar formats and specs.

What's wrong with an output pin?

Thank u for the replies....

@AWOL: i am worried about the amount of current that 4 FSRs draw considering the limit of 25mA total that the arduino can provide
so I get the power from the Vcc

@fm: i would rather avoid a voltage drop that a transistor may incur

25mA from one pin is fine - how much current do these things draw?

@AWOL: around 18ma but I also have a number of leds…25ma is the limit per pin or per arduino?

The absolute maximum is 40mA per pin, and about 200mA per package, depending on device.

that's great info! I am using arduino pro mini @3.3V

Provided all your LEDs and FSRs don't go too close to the 200mA limit, you should be fine.

Thanks a lot AWOL !
Can I use an AI pin as DO with the same limit of 40ma?

Can I use an AI pin as DO with the same limit of 40ma?

If AI is analog input and DO is digital output, yes.

Thank u PaulS