Digitally Control RGB LED Colour shade

I want to control the shade of a RGB Led digitally from code on my Arduino board. Is this possible?


Using 3 pwm outputs, 3 resistors (220,220,330 Ohm), 1 RGB LED.
If u want to find a spesific color, add 3 pots to 3 analog inputs

// add resistors to pins 3,5 and 6  (PWM-capable)
// red pin to 270/330 Ohm
// green and blue to 220 Ohm
// common pin to ,if common anode: 5V, else GND

void setup() 
void loop() 
  for (int i=10; i<255; i+=10)
  for (int j=10; i<255; i+=10)
  for (int k=10; i<255; i+=10)

A 24V PWM dimmer will do this for you. If you can deliver a DMX signal to it you can seamlessly drive each channel (RGB) 0-100% and generate your color of choice.

The new version is a 4 channel for RGBW, which includes warm white.

You can see what that looks like in operation in this video...