DigitalReadSerial Arduino Example digital pin 2 voltage?

I am trying out the digitalreadserial example from the learning section of the site... And using my muli-meter to understand the circuit. When testing the blue wire in the diagram that goes from pin 2 to the switch I get no definite voltage displayed on the multi-meter, but the serial display shows 0 or 1 as usual. Shouldn't I get some defined voltage (expecting something like 5v) on that wire when the switch is pressed? Or is the voltage change so small that triggers a HIGH that I am just not seeing it?

If this is what you are looking at, How are you using your meter? DC? Range? Show us a picture of your setup.

Yes. With the meter's ground lead connected to the Arduino ground, and the meter's "input" lead connected to pin 2, you should see 5VDC when the button is pushed. When the button is released, you should read zero. (Note that the meter is electrically connected across the resistor.)

Check the Arduino's 5V pin to make sure your meter is working.