Dim LEDs from Wemos D1 - Different MOSFET


I am controlling a 24v LED strip from a WEMOS. Schematic is below (I hope this is correct). 24 supply direct to LED strip, buck converter brining it down to 5v for WEMOS.

All works fine, except the LEDs are dim, even at 100% duty cycle.

I am using IRLB8721 MOSFETS which are logic level, but I think they aren't switching enough current with a 3.3v input. I tried a logic level converter but whilst that meant the LEDs were now bright, there was no control. I.e. no matter what value was set for the PWM, it was either on or off. For PWM = 0 off, PWM > 0 on full brightness.

So I guess I need different MOSFETs that can drive from a 3.3v input? Current draw at max is about 5A.

Any suggestions for which MOSFETS?

Your MOSFET is designed for a 5V signal, read this: For 3.3V microprocessors, what's the best way to power the gate of a MOSFET? - Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

Lots of good info/solutions