Dimensions of the arduino mini

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I am currently working on a "wake up light" project. Just like the ones from Philips, but controllable with a mobile-app. I have everything working and am trying to finish it by mounting everything om a 3D printed frame with screws and bolts, so i don't have to glue or duct-tape all the parts together. The problem is that I can't find any dimensions for the Arduino Mini. I was able to find the radius of the corner holes, but not the distance between them. Is there anyone that knows where to find a dimensions drawing for the Arduino Mini? I would really appreciate any help!


Neither the Arduino Mini nor the Arduino Pro Mini have any screw holes - so I'm not really sure what corner holes you're talking about (also, I think the mini (as opposed to pro mini) isn't readily available anymore, and it also looks like it doesn't have the cap for autoreset, making programing more awkward, while pro mini's are plentiful and insanely cheap and have the autoreset cap - what I'm saying is I think you want the pro mini not the mini)

If you mean the holes that normally get pins, that's 0.1" pin header.

It sounds like you're trying to design the case before you've even received the parts that will go in the box; this is sort of putting the cart before the horse, particularly since you seem fairly new to Arduino, and could easily not realize you need some hole, notch, or feature on your box, and have to throw out your original box and redesign it. That's what happens to me when I try to make a case before the thing in it - (or I try to make it work, and the device is a nightmare to assemble and maintain, because nothing fits right and everything is crammed in) - and I wouldn't say I'm particularly new...

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There are indeed no mounting holes on a mini :slight_smile:

Being open source, the arduino boards on the product-page are accompanied with Cadsoft Eagle schematic and pcb- files though. I don’t know whether the free version of Eagle is still limited to a board of 10x10 cm (4x4 inch), but you could use it to check on sizes. It’s quite nice to develop your own boards as well.

The arduino mini is 17.78 x 30.48 mm or 0.7 x 1.2 inch large btw.