Dimmable flashing strobe light


I'm want to build a dimmable strobe light but dual function. My knowledge on arduino is limited seeing that I'm a newbie and I know there are tons of ways to do this with and without Ardunio.

Have two switches for into to Arduino
Sw1 - has two positions ( Position A and B) SPDT
Sw2 - has three positions (Position C, D, E) 3 position rotary switch

Sw1 - position A - light pulse at 0.5sec interval on/of.
At same time Sw2 positiin can be set to control brightness level.
(Positon A - 33%, B - 66%, C - 100%).

Sw1 -position B - light fades up/down at same time Sw2 can be set to control brightness level.

Max16834 high current pwm driver

Idea 1
Sw1 - position A
Connect Arduino pwm output to Max16834 pwm input to control brightness level.
Use RT/ SYNC on max16834 and feed square wave osc frequency from Arduino at 20hz to create 0.5sec pulse. The max16834 frequency can be controlled via internal oscillator by changing resistor of RT/SYNC to ground but the internal osc can't achieve low feq of 20hz so therefor external frequency input. If I use external osc freq the max16834 can go as low as 200na sec on datasheet.

Sw1 - position B
With everything still connected the same way I want the light to fade up/down and at a certain brightness depending on the sw2 position. Keep in mind that I want the fade up/down to happen aslo at 0.5sec interval. For Expamle - fade up/down then only after 0.5 sec it should fade/up down again.
Not sure how I can achieve this with this configuration.

Idea 2
Sw 1 - position A
The max16834 has analog dim input REFI as well. By changing the input voltage on REFI you can control the output current.
This can then be used to control brightness level and the pwm input can then be used to create the osc freq of 20hz to give 0.5sec interval.

Sw2 - position B
Not sure how to do fade using this configuration.

Idea 3
Have the arduino drive two max16834 chips.
IC one will do pwm dimming with mosfet output.
IC two will do pulse 0.5sec via pwm with mosfet ouput.
Connect these two mosfets in series.

Fade up/down can then just be done with first IC whilst second IC can just be switched on permanently.

I'm not able to attach datasheet and hand drawn sketch due to file size on arduino.
Please have a look at the datasheet of the max16834.

I hope I explained it well enough

Much appreciated for any help.

Your post is quite long but it clear you have thought hard about it. I suggest you just start by making a list of the lighting effects you want to achieve, without regard to how these will be implemented, or switched and post that.

I've seen so far:

  • Brightness levels: 33%, B - 66%, C - 100%
  • Fade up/down and at a certain brightness ( also repeating with interval)

Say also something about the LEDs you are intending to drive.

After that, work out how to implement them (with the MAX16834 if possible), then how to switch between the effects.

Here is the data sheet for the MAX16834. https://datasheets.maximintegrated.com/en/ds/MAX16834.pdf
It is quite a versatile chip.

Incidentally, a 0.5 second pulse is 2Hz not 20Hz

Incidentally, a 0.5 second pulse is 2Hz not 20Hz

A 0.5 second pulse - presuming equal mark and space - is 1 Hz. :roll_eyes:

The name "strobe light" usually implies very short pulses of light... the kind of thing that stops motion. When you change 'brightness' are you intending to change the duration of the flash or the current through the LEDs?