Dimmable LEDs

Ok, my project is to add lighting to my aquarium to accommodate coral in my marine tank. I've been visiting and getting in contact with the people at RapidLED and am looking at this kit with some modifications: http://www.rapidled.com/solderless-biocube-8-dimmable-retrofit-kit/

My modifications would be that I have 10 LEDs, 5 white and 5 blue (Possibly 6w and 4b, not fully sure yet) and I would use 2 dimmable drivers of this model: http://www.rapidled.com/mean-well-eln-60-27p-dimmable-driver/ instead of the driver it says it comes with. They claim it works with Arduino boards. The idea is to make the LEDs dim down at night and leave only the blue LEDs on to mimic moonlight and then brighten back up during the day for sunlight. May add some flickering effects for show, but that's still TBD.

My question is, how would I go about connecting those two dimmable drivers, (ELN-60-27P) into an Arduino UNO? This currently is all the equipment I have: (Bought a starter kit) http://www.amazon.com/Sparkfun-Inventors-professional-Arduino-retail/dp/B005FMNJ3S/ref=sr_1_16?ie=UTF8&qid=1352409863&sr=8-16&keywords=Arduino+UNO

Would I need to buy other components to get it to connect or plug straight in or would the UNO even be able to handle it? I'm still a little new at the electronics aspect of this. Programming it should be fun though. Any advice would be awesome, Thanks!

The uno should be able to handle it (with a couple other components).

I don't have schematics for you, but here are the two issues -

The dimmer needs 10 Volt PWM for dimming. The Arduino only puts-out 5V. A 10V power supply and a MOSFET (one MOSFET for each dimmer) will take care of that.

If you want to automatically adjust for the time-of-day, you need a real time clock module. I've never used one, but it should interface with the Arduino fairly easily. However, now you need a display to show you the time of day and "event" times (if the on/off/dim times aren't "hard coded" in your sketch), and you need switches to set the actual time and the event times. It's been done before (not by me), but I think the clock display might be the most involved part of the project.

Thanks, that makes sense. Still being new, some schematics would be nice to look at before I actually get all the equipment. I found another project very similar of someone doing this on a larger scale, they they are using the expertise of a friend which doesn't help alot on the electronics side. He did however post pictures which could help: http://www.thereeftank.com/forums/f76/diy-dimmable-led-fixture-from-scratch-151097-3.html

Can you make sense of that?

I've also looked on Amazon for MOSFETs, but not quite sure which type I'm actually looking for. Any help on that as well? If I can get actually turning the lights on, the clocks will be a future project.

I found this schematic that he someone on a reef site claimed to use. Does anyone see anything wrong or will this work?: