dimmer example problems?

Hi, so I got max on my mac. I installed it and added the patch and all of the stuff appeared on my MAX program such as the slider. I then uploaded the code below onto the arduino. I put it in lock mode then tried moving the slider. It did not work. And I had the LED between pin 9 and ground. I have no clue what is wrong? I also tried checking the box and sliding it and unchecking it and sliding it? Any ideas guys :D :D :D! Thanks! const int ledPin = 9; // the pin that the LED is attached to

void setup() { // initialize the serial communication: Serial.begin(9600); // initialize the ledPin as an output: pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT); }

void loop() { byte brightness;

// check if data has been sent from the computer: if (Serial.available()) { // read the most recent byte (which will be from 0 to 255): brightness = Serial.read(); // set the brightness of the LED: analogWrite(ledPin, brightness); } }

ATTENTION: Never mind haha. Sorry. I forgot to change the port number to my port which is E. Thanks and sorry to waste time.