Dimmer for AC lights (220v) using analog out?

Hey guys

I am looking for a dimmer that I can use with arduino's analog out, does anybody know of one? (I dont want to use the K8064 as I will only have the 5v supply of arduino aviable so i would first would have to convert the 5v to 12v to be able to use an opamp) DMX is not an option for sure.

Thanks a lot, Adrian

X10 interface? havent used it, but ive heard of some success with it.

thanks, but can't use that either as the afferdable 110v units one can buy in the us are of no use in europe. anyone got another idea? cheers

As I understand you don't ned 12V unit to control K8064.

In the Manual I see that you have to adjust the resistor trimmer to what you use as max control voltage (page 10 in the manual).

on the apogeekits webpage it stands that it is compatible with the USB Interface Board K8055, and that board have a 0-5V output

The K8064 should work perfectly whit the arduino board :) I think, I have not touch a arduino yet, but on Monday I am gong to a Arduino Workshop :)

Have a look at this thread:- http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1222194471