dimming 4x 42V 0.6A LEDs powered by a 42V 2A adapter

Hello all,

I googled and would like to hear from your suggestions.

I am looking for a PWM breakout board for Arduino to dim LED lights.

Four LED lights (42V 0.6A) are powered by a 42V 2A power adapter.

Any breakout board for this task? A good way to dim each individual light panels?

Also, I am currently purchasing this device (link) to manually dim LEDs. Any alternative products offer a more reliable PWM control?

Thanks a lot.


What about this?


You need to provide more detail as to your LED lights. Can you provide a link to what you're using?

Why don’t you just control the base of a MOSFET with one of the analogue outputs?

Do you mean “gate”?

If so, you will waste a lot of heat in the MOSFET.

You may be thinking of controlling the gate with PWM.