Dimming LEDS on ws8212b in the color setting

I have created a program that I would like to dim the Pre-defined Warm White color which is coded like this

#define WW CRGB(215,200,25)

And brighten the red which is coded like this

#define RR CRGB(225,0,0)

They are used multiple times later on in the program like this

  if (buttonState3 == LOW)
    color = RR;
    color = WW;

  fill_solid CenterFront;

fill_solid CenterFront;
I'd love to be able to just change the definitions at the top of the program, I could change to CHSV? What would that look like?
The whole code is here on GitHub
Thanks in advance!

It's not entirely clear how you wish to apply this to your code, but assuming you just want to globally change the WW value to be a bit dimmer, either modify the RGB values, or convert to HSV and decrease the V element. Examples:

#define WW CRGB(205, 190, 15)
#define WW CHSV(55, 88, 84)

I got the HSV value by using the Rapidtables online converter. So you could modify the "84" value to reduce brightness.