Din size LCD panel


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Im working on my car remote control system (controlling via a windows mobile phone) based on arduino

I am looking for a LCD (amoled, oled, tft, whatever) that might be similar to a DIN size unit, but it seems that they are hard to find in any place in small units

What i need is something similar to this:



If you know of such a lcd panel (or something along the lines), or know the name of the maker of the display unit used in that JVC radio, I will be very happy and grateful

It can be from anything, even if the panel is not sold separately, maybe we can source it from a rear view mirror monitor or something

Thanks Richard

Using the same module from that product might be a non sensible solution, from the price and effort sides (that thing goes for $700 and reversing the lcd controller logic needs some serious efforts)

I dont need this lcd panel to be the exact same size of the DIN specs, something close will do it, that is why I am looking at the rear view mirrors with reverse camera ports, they even contain VGA input and their size should be similar

If there is some panel like this some where, let me know