Diode problems ..help

Datasheet for S4.

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so my point is to remove the diode and solder these two parts

i will check it

What "two parts". The two terminals of the diode ? Yes. Solder them both.

i mean the two parts where i put the diode

i will try to explain ... lets say that i will remove the diode from the nano and i will not going to replace it i will just solder the two parts
will it work

someone told me that if i removed the diode and solder the place where the diode must be put it will works ..and it did

didi you get me

You want to bridge the diode ? You can do it but don't then power the Nano by any source other than the USB socket. But understand that you are overriding some protection.

then if i bridget it then i cant use the vin

or do you mean i cant use the usb and vin at the same time

You cannot use Vin (or 5v) to power the Nano if, simultaneously, you are powering it [the Nano] via a USB cable.
You might destroy something (more).

ok but i can power it from the vin ..but without powering it from the usb

you mean that i cant use the usb and vin at the same time .. but i can use both but not at the same time


It is there for a reason.
Since it got damaged, you might be doing things that are not okay.

According to the schematic, it prevents that current can flow into the computer when VIN is powered.

If you only use the USB connector to power the Nano board, then you can shortcut it or replacing it with a wire or solder blob.
If you forget that it became a shortcut and you power it with a power supply to VIN or to the 5V pin, then the Nano and your computer can be damaged.

If VIN is always used to power the Nano, then you can remove it. Nothing bad will happen.

ok thanks alot

Why would you want to use "Vin" anyway?

The thing runs on 5 V. Use a properly regulated 5 V supply. A common USB "phone charger" is particularly convenient.

i need to use vin because iam making a car

Exactly. And if there's one thing I can just about guarantee you, is that if you use an external power supply on Vin, there will be the inevitable moment you want to update the software on the Arduino, forget to disconnect the Vin and you'll fry your computer's USB port.

Don't bridge that diode. Yes, it will work. And yes, you're setting yourself up for a much more costly failure.

Just get a dozen or so MBR0520 or a similar low-voltage 350-500mA Schottky diode and put it on there. Costs something like a dollar or so.