'DIOSLAVE_CLOCK_DDR' was not declared in this scope

I've got this error .

can anyone help me please???? :confused:

This is a programming question, not an installation and troubleshooting question - you're using code or a library that expects 'DIOSLAVE_CLOCK_DDR" to be defined, but it's not.

Either you're using code that expects you to define that, or you're using a library that defines that for some arduino boards (inside #ifdef's ), but not for the board you're using - it looks like it's meant to be the DDR (Data Direction Register) for the port whatever the DIOSLAVE's CLOCK pin is (because it has to do something fast, using direct port manipulation Arduino Reference - Arduino Reference ).

You're not using a Due or Zero by any chance are you? Lots of libraries are incompatible with non-AVR-based Arduino boards.