DIP Socket or Holder for Mini 04


I was looking for a DIP socket or something that will hold my arduino mini 04 so I can move it around different boards. I have had a look but can't see anything suitable. What does everyone else use?


It's not much different than a boarduino... this is what I use for my projects: Half Size breadboard.


By "boards" - do you mean PCBs or breadboards?

If the latter, it would seem that the Mini you are talking about is already designed for such, so a socket doesn't make much sense unless due to its size it is difficult to remove from a breadboard (not much to grasp?).

If its the latter, though...

What's the pitch of that Mini? If it is .600 - you might look into using 24-pin .600 pitch ZIF sockets. These aren't cheap (you can get them cheaper surplus, but they're still much more expensive, relatively, to a regular IC socket), but if you are planning on moving the Mini often, using a ZIF socket will mean less chance of a bent or broken pin in the long run. Of course, such sockets take up more room on a PCB than a standard .600 pitch IC socket, so keep that in mind.


Get some pins & sockets like these, from Gravitech. Pins go in columns 1 and 7 on a breadboard, I don't think there is a standard 24 pin socket. larger pins on the male-male interconnect go in the mini, smaller ones plug into the wirewrap socket that you build project from - or into solderless breadboard if prototying. Here is one pinned up like this in a remote control project.