Hey everyone,

I am currently trying to setup a serial read that exports the data to a stepper motor. Now I have never worked with one before so am kind of lost as to how to drive this thing. The driver is a 4988ET connected via STEP, ENABLE, DIR, to three digital pins. How do I drive this, analog PWM is impossible, do I need to send the amount of pulses? Does anyone maybe have an example for me to use?

Thanks :)

Google "4988 stepper driver tutorial" and the first that comes up:


Everytime you pulse STEP, the motor steps one step, direction as given by DIR at the time of the step pulse. That's it. If you want to avoid reinventing the wheel look at Stepper and AccelStepper libraries.

You may find these links useful Stepper Motor Basics Simple Stepper Code


[ actually I think only AccelStepper has direct support for step/direction interfaces, come to think of it,
but its a more useful tool I think anyway ]