Dire need for TLC5940!


Does anyone know where I can get seven TLC5940 DIP ?
I’m making a christmas-present for which I need them as soon as possible.
I checked every source I could think of:
Texas instruments, rs-components, digikey…

So, if anyone knows where I could order some of these please tell me, preferrably germany, europe, but anywhere is fine as long as they arrive before 24.12.


The PDIP version is a TLC5940NT. Try here for an inventory list: http://focus.ti.com/docs/prod/folders/print/tlc5940.html#inventory

It looks like two companies in Asia have some stock. You could try calling Farnell in Germany and seeing if they could do a special order for you from “Farnell Asia”.

– Mike

Hi, I have sent you a PM about this.