Direct connection over wifi Wemos d1 minis

Before I spend a week fumbling around the web piecing code together I thought I would see if anyone is up for writing the code, at a reasonable price. It's not a high dollar project.

It's a remote controlled wireless turn signal, brake light, and tail light setup. So one d1 mini will need 1 momentary button (brake light), one 2 way switch (turn signals), and 1 single throw switch for tail lights. The other d1 mini will have a 4 channel relay board. The turn signals will need to blink of course. Both minis will have constant power so no need to sleep or conserve power. A constant connection between the 2 I believe would be the best option as speed is important.

I've messed with arduinos in the past and can do all the physical work needed of course. Given enough time I'm sure I could tackle this myself but I'm sure someone with more knowledge can do it faster and cleaner.

Please leave a price and timeline quote with any questions you may have.