direct connection

i am using an arduino for an in-wall project. it will be the same size and shape as a wall light switch. can i take an arduino wall power adapter and directly wire the ground and hot wires to it?

can i take an arduino wall power adapter and directly wire the ground and hot wires to it?

If you mean, can you mount the wall adapter into the wall and wire it's AC connection to the hot and neutral directly, then yes. However be sure to turn off the circuit breaker feeding that circuit before as the hot will be HOT as you try and make the connection. :wink:

PS: the two AC power wires are called hot and neutral. The ground wire should not be used unless your wall adapter is a 3 prong device, in which case the ground wire would wire to that third plug prong.


these will be from the same wires that power the outside lights. so, how should i split the line to power both?

No offence meant, but if you have to ask you probably should get someone locally and qualified to help you. AC power is not a good thing to learn on one's own.


Listen to Lefty - he knows of what he speaks... "IF" you have to ask that question - get help locally, not from an internet board.

It's a LOT more complex than can be explained easily - involving transformers and a good bit of wiring.

Good luck.

I vaguely remember the time I first muddled with AC. I definitely regret it. It's sort of a blur involving me unscrewing a lightswitch faceplate, getting electricuted, and then being woken up laying on the carpet :O.

I highly recommend you get a professional.

I worked as a firefighter and a science teacher.

I agree with the "get help" advice. Not worth even a SMALL risk.... The hassles, if they come, are HUGE... and your insurance company will probably get out of paying if you touched the electrics.

I recently had licenced professionals doing some work in my home. THEY made a mistake, put a direct short across 220v... impressive, but happily the mistake didn't compromise the protection of the fuses, so I only lost a heating control relay... instead of a house to fire or a child to electrocution. Scared yet? Hope so! Sorry... but better that than the alternative.