Disable ACK capability in xbee.h

Can anybody helpwith an Xbee Arduino problem using xbee.h? I need to be able to set remote command options; offset byte 15 within Remote AT Command Request, type 17 Packet. I cannot find a function such as "void setRemoteCommandOptions()" or "void setDisableAck()" in xbee.h. Perhaps Mr. Rapp would care to comment. I have a working application using broadcast type 17 packets and I do not require to see the ACK's. In fact the presence of ACK's in the protocol are causing major buffer overrun problems in the coordinator.

I think you can set frame_id=0 and this is not acknowledged.

On series 2 datasheet:

?Identifies the UART data frame for the host to correlate with a subsequent ACK (acknowledgement). Setting Frame ID to ‘0' will disable response frame.

Thanks for the reply, I believe the setting the record sequence count to zero only applies to Type 10 packets. In any case xbee.h does not allow access to the sequence count or the disable ack parameters in either Type 10 or Type 17 packets.

I think it's not possible than.