Disable/Enable hardware reset with capacitor connected to digital out

Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to disable hardware reset of arduino board by connecting capacitor to digital pin and setting pin to low (capacitor connected to ground and reset pin) and re-enabling reset by setting pin to high. I will have arduino connected to rpi and accessed remotely but I would like to have option to upload sketch if necessary by re enabling soft reset.

Do you mean the same capacitor that enables reset? That is a bad idea. When you set the arduino digital pin to LOW, the DTR line connected to the reset signal will very quickly charge up the capacitor resulting a high current, possibly damaging the DTR pin or the arduino digital pin, whichever is weaker.

That was the idea, but anything that would enable/disable reset through software would be nice.

Which arduino board? Give a link. You might be able to jumper wire the way you described if there is a resistor on the usb ttl adapter side.

Official Uno. I have cut lines for reset and it's not reseting. But as I said I'm curious if it's possible somehow to enable/disable reset in software by maybe enabling some pin that is somehow (capacitor some transistor or whatever) connected to reset pin.