Disable i2c

Hello i wonder if it is possible to disable the i2c lines. normally most of my arduino boards the i2c lines are on A4 and A5. But the boards i been getting recently the i2c lines are broken out to there own pins. I did search online and a lot of old topics online but this one site i found states to do this. not sure if this is the correct way or not?

// activate internal pullups for twi. digitalWrite(SDA, 1); digitalWrite(SCL, 1);

Which board did you get recently ?

The arduino uno the SMD one that has the i2c pins next to the digital pins. The one that looks like This board.

Hi, Those "I2C" pins are simply connected to the usual A4 and signals. Do you don't need to do anything. You still can not use A4 and A5 for other uses if you do use I2C.

I like the idea of making "I2C" easy to use and connect to. On the Yourduino RoboRED there is a 4-pin inline connector that is GND-VCC-SDA-SCL. This makes it easy to connect to some I2C devices that have that pinout, such as I2C driven LCD displays, like these:

A 4-pin cable can plug directly from the UNO-compatible board to the LCD.

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Hello no i do not use i2c pins and almost all dgital pins are not in use besides 2 and 2 analog pins are being used. I would like to disable the i2c pins.

This is somewhat of a clone - A4 and A5 are still physically connected to ATMEGA328 PC4 (ADC4 / SDA / PCINT12) and PC5 (ADC5 / SCL / PCINT13)


I would like to disable the i2c pins.

You do not need to disable anything. Just do not activate I2C in a sketch and the pins are available for analog or digital use.

Okay so i have tested the A4 and A5 pins with my meter and you are correct they are connected together. Thank you now i think i know what to do now.

Yes - the processor has physically only one pin for these

I would like to disable the i2c pins.

Why? I know that in another thread of yours someone suggested that if you used I2C, anyone could physically connect to your board, and sniff the I2C communications.

But, if you are not doing I2C, then they will have learned nothing.

You are now trying to solve a problem that does not exist.

Sorry i haven't responded back in a while i been sick a little with some kind of bug going around. But to answer some questions I honestly don't know what I'm try to put together Because i have 2 projects coming up soon and both are different from each other. And I'm trying to figure out them both. But in both projects I think i cross paths with each other and didn't mean to. I need to correct that. I'm just trying to see if there is some programming way of doing things. So again sorry for the cross talk text there my fault.