disable print-out of header data of nRF24L01+ module

Hi, I'm using the RF24Network library and receiving data wireless and send those via a serial connection to another device. Problem is that the nrf24-module sends some data whenever receiving something

7177: MAC Received on 1 id 25 from 01 to 00 type 07177: NET message C2CC 7178: NET Enqueue 20ok 7180: NET Received id 25 from 01 to 00 type 0 $V,86,100,0,2,11

where "$V,86,100,0,2,11" is my data

How can I hide that stuff

7178: NET Enqueue 20ok

Or is it needed for the Network communication protocol? Thank you

The radio module isn't sending those lines, the library is. Get rid of the unwanted print statements.

      IF_SERIAL_DEBUG(printf_P(PSTR("%lu: MAC Received on %u%s\n\r"),millis(),pipe_num,header.toString()));

I just can’t find those statements. In which are these supposed to be? My sketch includes <RF24.h>
and <RF24Network.h>



ah thanks a lot! I couldnt find that phrase in the file and figured out I'm using a 2011 version of that library. Changed that now. Thanks!