Disable processor detection in the kernel

I recently got a Jetway JNC9KDL-2700. The BIOS has a bug that causes it to report the CPU as being incompatible with 64-bit, even though it is compatible. Therefore, 64-bit Gentoo will not boot. Is there a way to patch/hack the kernel to bypass the check and boot anyways? Or a way to patch the BIOS to correctly report the 64-bit compatibility? (Now I know why that board was so cheap compared to the others…)

1) what CPU 2) ugh gah why 64 bit linux, its like 64 bit windows XP

It's an Intel Atom D2700. Intel's site says that it should be able to run 64-bit. 64-bit gives you more registers and the ability to memory map files larger than 4GB, among other things. (And native support for 64-bit integer computation, although that's uncommon.)

I remember hearing something on this, so I checked our friend Google. http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/325554-10-atom-d2700-cedar-trail

According to some posts there the Jetway BIOS does not support the EMT64 instructions, so it simply will not work.