disabling the dataflash on a wishield 2.0?


have searched.. but yielded no results, though I'm sure some people have wondered about this. I have an asynclabs wishield 2.0 shield, which is great... But, it comes with a dataflash on it, which is nice and all... but I don't want it (now, anyways). Does anybody know if I can disable the dataflash part of the shield (without messing up the hardware!) so I can use the pins it occupies? I can see the merits of having such a thing on the shield, but if you're not going to use it as a server, the dataflash quickly loses its usefulness. In my case, I want it to actively retrieve info from my server, it doesn't have to offer any webservices whatsoever.. so I simply don't need page serving capabilities, thus I simply don't need the storage.

So I wonder, does anybody know if the dataflash pins can be freed for normal use? if so, how?