Disabling UART on MEGA

Will like some help on how to disable and enable the 4 UARTs on the MEGA.

For the Uno I see the following code for the single UART it has:

UCSR0B &= ~(_BV(TXEN0)); //disable UART TX UCSR0B &= ~(_BV(RXEN0)); //disable UART RX

I would like to know to do the same for the 4 UARTs on the Mega.

Thanks in advance.

Same way. There are UCSRnB registers and TXENn, RXENn bits; n={0,1,2,3} according the UART number. See the datasheet for details.

Note that none of the uarts are enabled unless you call Serial.begin() (or serial1, 2, or 3) - you only need to fiddle with the register directly if you want to disable rx but not tx, or the other way around.

Thanks very much guys!