Disc Segmentation

Hi there.

I have a project which involve using 64n white leds scattered evenly across a disc. I’m planning on using 1206 SMD package leds, on a 10cm diameter disc, with a max7221 for controlling the leds. I have a little geometric problem though.
How can I find the right position for each led so that I can have a even distribution which will lead to an even illumination of the disc once I’ll put the diffuser material on top of it ?

Is there a mathematical formula for dividing a circle in n squar-ish chunks of approximately equal area ?

Thanks for your help ^^


I’m sure there is a mathematical way to lay it out, and it’s probably not that hard. But I am super lazy, and I would just get my CAD program to fill the space equally. Let me know if you want me to do it for you.

Thanks trialex. What CAD software do you use ? If it’s eagle, proteus or SolidWorks, I think I can do it myself, but in this case, I’d really like you to help me, never found the command for scattering objects ^^

(I guess I’ll try with 3D Studio max, I think I saw an option I can use…)

I use Pro/E, but anything Pro/E can do Solidworks should be able to do something similar - look for a “fill” or “autofill” command

Ok, Pro/E is a bit too complex for me ^^ I’ll try that under solidworks. Thanks a lot.