Disconnect Circuit to trigger display message

Hi, I recently purchased the official Arduino starter kit, completed all the starter projects and read the intro book I still don't know where to start or even come about my project I'm trying to do a setup where there are 3-5 connectors when removed, it will display a message on my standard 16x2 LCD

for example, if there's 3 alligator clips, which are color coded BLUE GREEN and YELLOW, once you remove the BLUE clip and message display will say "Wrong one", if you remove YELLOW it will display "Still Wrong" and if you remove GREEN then it will display "My eye color"

like i said I'm pretty new to Arduino, any help would be nice Thank You

What do you want them to do if you disconnect them in a different order? What if one is re-connected before the next one is disconnected?

Hint: You know how to detect if a button is open (disconnected) or closed (connected). That should help you design your sketch.