Disconnecting and reconnecting

Hi, while using the web editor my Arduino keeps disconnecting and reconnecting approximately every 10 seconds. I see the pop-up notifications on the upper right side of the screen letting me know. It is also apparent if using the monitor because the monitor keeps graying out. Makes it impossible to upload a sketch.

This does not seem to be an issue when using the Windows 1.8.13 version. So, I don't think it is a hardware issue.

-Using Chrome
-MKR NB 1500
-Very basic sketches (I'm new to this, just using the temp/humidity sensor)

Not really sure where to begin. Any ideas?

Are you able to use the Arduino IDE on your computer instead of the online version ?

Yes, but i'm trying out the IOT Cloud service and that is integrated with the web editor.

I'm having the same issue with a Nano 33 IOT it seems random. i tried wiring the sensors off another source and it made no difference. I am able to load a sketch given a few tries. Any ideas? It's the same setup, online ide.

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