Discrepancies in the Time.h library - what was fixed, perhaps mistakenly

Hi all,

I'm using the Time.h library which had a recent fix. In this site's libraries directory, it is under DateTime, and then the newer version's page which I'm discussing. Here's the discrepancy:


Time.h contains a bug on line 66. Is now:

define daysToTime_t ((H)) ( (D) * SECS_PER_DAY)

Should be:

define daysToTime_t ((D)) ( (D) * SECS_PER_DAY)

Note their suggested fix of replacing the H with a D.

Now I look into the code of Time.h and see:

#define daysToTime_t    ((H)) ( (H) * SECS_PER_DAY) // fixed on Jul 3 2011

So the proposed fix from the site says it should be D D, but the implemented fix was H H.

Anyone know what's going on here?

The macro's

#define daysToTime_t    ((H)) ( (H) * SECS_PER_DAY)  
#define daysToTime_t    ((D)) ( (D) * SECS_PER_DAY)

are identical for the compiler.

I agree however that the D as mnemonic for Days work better for humanoids than the H ...

Yes, I also agree. The code will work correctly as fixed but the D mnemonic does make more sense so I will make that change.

edit: playground download is updated.