Disk thrashing

I have a win 7 machine using an SSD with a hard disk backip.

256 MB SSD, 1 TB backup.

I notice recently a lot of noise from the backup.

Any idesa ?

I have previously suffered from encryption/ransomware but nothing has happened recently although the thrashing has been going on for a month or so.

Is the harddisk strictly for backups?

What do you use to make the backups?

Hard disk is set to make ab a bacup once a week
3 AM on some day or other.

I have offline backups which i do manually but rather infrequently.

No particular security issues, just a pain when i have to re build.

As far as I can tell that does not answer either question.

Have you scanned, defragged your drive?

Tom.... :slight_smile:

I use the built in method in win 7 that is set to make an automatic backup occasionally.

The backups are set to be full system inage.

Hard disk is only used for backups and the SSD has spare capacity, all programmes are loaded on that as far as i know.

If i have soft errors on the SSD would windows reference the backup to correct them ?i

without hearing the sound, all i can manage is guessing.


The sound is the same as normal disk access , not particularly loud but frequent , like you get on a system without SSD.

Have you scanned, defragged your drive?

Tom.... :slight_smile:


It has been quiet today though.
Perhaps it has finished plotting now. Waiting for the call from customer support. :o

Which drive has pagefile.sys?

i cannot find any file called pagefile.anything ????

Navigate to...
Control Panel\System and Security\System

Click Advanced system settings

Navigate to the Advanced tab

Under Performance click Settings

Navigate to the Advanced tab

Under Virtual memory click Change

Post a snapshot of that dialog

hard drives have a self diagnostic in them that will tell you if they are failing…



What do you use for anti-virus?

hard drives have a self diagnostic in them that will tell you if they are failing...

It is a relatively new disk

Windows defender , i have already removed Zone alarm.

From what you have described there is no obvious suspect.

The next time it happens do this...

• Start Task Manager

• Navigate to the Processes tab

• Click Show processes from all users

• Click View then Select Columns

• Ensure the six I/O columns (I/O Reads, I/O Writes, etcetera) are checked

• Sort by each of those six columns

• Watch the top few for a few seconds

The culprit should be revealed.

It was the first thing i tried.

However i think i have found the real culprit, i will know better in a couple of hours.

Oh well.

Turns out that when i install the drive it slowly heats up and the bearings on the cooling fan just start to rattle.

Need new fan.....

Tom... :o

Seagate 10k RPM spindle?