Dismantling an LCD

Good morning, everyone,

I want to use an LCD to project previously saved images or icons on the floor, when I give them an order via WiFi.

The control of an LCD with an ESP32 I see that it is not something complicated, using a LCD of not much resolution, so I think I would have it done, but could I use the LCD removing the backlight to use it to project?

I've also seen the possibility of using a nokia 5110 LCD, but my question is still the same to use it for projection.

Because another type of LCD, like the one used by projectors, is a bit more complicated to get going, I understand, right?

The idea is to have as little electronics as possible, within the possibilities, of course.

Thank you.

Probably not as simple as you would hope. You may find that the reflective layer at the back of the LCD is painted or bonded on and would need to be scraped or chemically removed and this would damage the lcd in the process. Also LCD often use rubber connectors with conductive traces to connect the LCD panel with the PCB, so you may need to find another way to make those connections, and soldering won't be an option.

Good luck finding a way to achieve this. Please report back if you are successful, I would like to see how it was achieved, I had a similar idea for a project myself but could not find a way.