"Dismiss New" button(s) on "New topics" page

I noticed that the number of "Dismiss New" buttons visible on the "New topics" page is not constant in all cases. For example, there are two of such buttons here:

But after refreshing the page, the first button disappears:

To reproduce (using Firefox 91.9.0esr on a Linux system):

  • Click the "Dismiss New" button.
  • Wait for new messages to appear ("New" button shows a number between brackets).
  • Click the "New" button.
  • Two "Dismiss New" buttons are now visible.
  • Refresh page.
  • One "Dismiss New" button is now visible.

If this is a bug, then my suggestion for a fix would be to have two buttons. I find it convenient as sometimes I go through the topics from top to bottom and sometimes the other way around.

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