Disney scanner project

I am extremely new to arduino and my only experience with it is on my 3d printer. I am wanting to make this scanner that is at Disney world. I was thinking of getting an Uno and one of the neopixel rings and hopefully down the road adding nfc to trigger the effects. I basically want to copy the affects in this video from 0:29-0:37. I do not want the finger print reader. Basically I want the ring to have the white led circling and then once the button is pushed or nfc scanned to speed up and light up completely green and play the sound effect. Is this possible? Is this very difficult to accomplish? Once again I am brand new to this.

It all sounds possible. You should start though by just working through the basic examples on this site and try getting LEDs to blink etc.

break the the project into steps.

rfid tag is the bit that identify's the person/wearable device

the LED show is another bit

music is another.

individually, none are too difficult

Thank you. I will probably be posting more because I am so new to this.

Where is a good place for me to learn how to do this? I have no idea where to start.

RFID reader of choice
Neopixels Ring (size of choice)
DFPlayer mini for audio output/playback
Arduino Pro-Mini

Done deal. :slight_smile:

as @dave-in-nj suggests..

break it down into separate sketches.

1.) Get the RFID reader all set-up and reader tag ID's... (not sure how you plan on checking the RFID against a 'permissions list' or database or something? maybe just a list of hardcoded ID's in the sketch itself? not very scaleable however)... so you are getting a read of the ID, and can compare it against (whatever)

2.) Take your Neopixel ring.. and get familiar with how they work.. how you change colors.. manipulate what LEDS (pixels) are light at what time.... and spend some time R&D'ing the led animations others have put together before you. Taking special note of non-blocking led animations/patterns if that is needed in your project)

3.) The DFPlayer mini.. not much to do here.. its a pretty simple component to use.. wire it up.. load some .wav files on the micro SD card.. and in your sketch you just call the audio clip you want to play.. ie: myDFplayer.play(1);

Where is a good place for me to learn how to do this? I have no idea where to start.

Depends on what you are specifically working on?
What aspect?
If the RFID reader.. I say start with where you bought it.. do they have code exmaples? WHat RFID reader is it? Use gogle with that name + Arduino.. see the libs and examples that others have done before you.
If the Neopixels.. I say start at the Adafruit website.. they have a nice tutorial for beginners.. and explains what they are and how they work..etc.
If the DFPlayer Mini.. again start at the site.. or goole.. the stock DFRobot library for the DFPlayer mini is fairly decent.. and will get you up and running.

I want to get the LED's all figured out then add the rfid later. I just want the rfid to work as a button, so when I scan the tag it triggers the next animation and sound. I am not going to be using it to it's full potential and I understand that. I want to get it all ready using a standard button and then down the road replace it with the rfid.

I bought RFID readers from China for $1.80 apiece but it took 5 weeks to arrive, I'd order sooner than later.

In the meantime you could use a button placeholder to trigger your leds, then make the button trigger a routine instead of just feeding raw power while it's pressed, like in a loop have one turn on, then another, etc until it's fully lit up, or make them blink, etc.

https://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/Button is the start to turn your LEDS on/off.

It's pretty basic, whatever RFID reader you buy should have documentation for how to use it to get the hash from the RFID chip detected, then that triggers your different routines you make and you get rid of the physical button.