Dispaly on tv screen for specified duration

hi, i'm shobha... the below is my code...i have just pasted the void loop() function here

void loop() {

time= millis(); time1= millis() - time ; if (time1 > 60000) tv.print(50,87,100.5);

} here i want to display in tv screen the message 100.5 for every one minute....but nothing is getting dispalyed... can anybody please help ?

Four things wrong. 1) Code not posted using # icon. 2) time1 will always be zero or one 3) if time1 ever exceeds 60000 it will display it permenantly. 4) a value of 60000 needs a long int.

Thanks a lot for ur kind reply...sorry for not pasting the program using # icon ...i have one more doubt , it would be very helpful if u clear it... whether i need to define " time = millis() " declaration outside the void loop() function ?

Read this before posting a programming question

need to define " time = millis() " declaration outside the void loop() function ?

From your question I understand you need a bit of c / c++ fundamentals beyond the following hint:

A declaration might be
unsigned long time; which declares the data type of a variable and defines it.
In this case that definition can be made outside the loop() function - to have the variable available “globally”,
or as well inside, to make it a temporary local variable.

** **time = millis();** **
calls a function and puts the result into that variable.
Such a function call can only happen inside another function.

The best way to learn the usage of millis() is the “Blink without delay” example.
Not sure how to learn c programming in general, but I guess the main issue is not to find one, but to learn what is relevant for Arduino programming.

Edit: a few less typos → perhaps a bit more readable.

thanks a lot for ur reply...yes i'm new to this programming language and learning C programming