dispersed output of DHT22

Hi everybody.
Hope you are fine. I faced with a problem and I need to consult with you. The case is that I am using 5 sensors of DHT22 for measuring the temperature at the same time. My experiment had two phases: A) the temperature is constant B) the temperature is increasing.
In phase A, by passing the time, Standard Deviation (S.D) of all five sensors are increasing. This means that the outputs of the sensors are far from each other and they are showing different temperatures. However, in phase B the outputs of all sensors are closer to each other than phase B and they are less dispersed. I mean the sensors are performing better in a dynamic situation rather than static. What would be the reason? Could you please let me know your idea?


Where’s your schematic, code and data. i.e. when you say wrong is it 1 degree off 10 degrees off.. no idea what you’re talking about.