Display 5 temp and hum on a OLED pannel 128*64

Hi! I'm working on a project and I need to display 5 temperature and humidity using an Arduino Nano. There is a library to do that work? For example, display the Temp and the Hum of one room, then after x second switch and displaying the measurement of another room? Or a display can always show all the variable?
Many thanks!

yeah actually i just seen this code somewhere well at least to drive the oled. the interface doesnt have to scroll you can use paired bargraphs to show all the data at one time , then use a scrolling revision based on button press to cycle through the rooms. what OLED do you have?

So the idea is to display a graphic of the temp and hum on a room in one single screen, then with the press of the button cycling through the room? And how can I do that?
I have a 1.3 Inch I2C 128*64 module with the SSH1106 control chip.

yeah that is the idea, i mean most of the time you just need to see whats going on then have more "detailed views" with individual room temp/humid i dont have that display put if you post the code you have i may be able to help..

Maybe it is helpful to have a look at a 10-temperature sketch for the Nano using DS18B20 temperature sensors and display on a 320x480 3.5 inch TFT display. There is also readout of two DHT 11 relative humidity sensors.

I have trouble to get my own 128x64 LCD running, so I switched to TFT
Success !


I think most monochrome LCDs and OLEDs can be driven by u8g2 (search for u8g2 in the Arduino Lib Manager). It is more a question which OLED you want. I recently added support for this 2.42" SSD1309 128x64 OLED to u8g2.

Ok, it is about $22 on ebay. But u8g2 will support also all these $6 SSD1306 OLEDs.