Display blinking


I have a 3.2" tft screen on my arduino mega to control my aquarium(leds,fans etc) , everything worked fine until yesterday, the screen suddently blinked a few times and than it crashed (not only the screen the whole code) , each time I try to restart the arduino this happens. But I tried another code which also uses the screen and this worked. The original code was downloaded and it has worked for about a month until now, I also feel that the arduino is getting hotter.
Does anyone has a solution?


The heating would be caused by trying to draw too much power through the Arduino pins. Perhaps your loads are too heave and you need some drivers to take off some of the load.

But the load that is needed has not changed, the only thing it does is sending 7 PWM signals, 2 digitals, and reading a temperature

I think my arduino is dead, if I plug it into the computer, I get a constant sound of the computer that there is an USB input and it says that the USB device is broken :frowning:

Could the problem have been a broken transistor? Since there seems something wrong with one of them , it is open when there is no arduino attached