Display Circuit Output on a HTML website?

Hi guys.. How can i display my Arduino Circuit output on my HTML Web page? We are creating a motion detection system using Arduino Circuit, i want to display the outputs on a website. Please give your ideas.


How can i display my Arduino Circuit output on my HTML Web page?

That depends on what you mean by "Arduino Circuit". If you want the Arduino to send data to a PC, and have the PC construct an HTML file using that data, that is possible.

You could add an Ethernet shield to that Arduino, and make it a web server, returning HTML data is response to a request.

An HTML stream of data is rendered by a browser. Proper use of terminology, presuming you understand the terminology, would go a long way towards making your question understandable.

FarWatch could do one version of you what you want, with very little extra work to add the Arduino element....


... and it is built around free things.

Assuming you plan to use an ethernet shield then there are a couple of examples in the ethernet library (Webserver and Barometric Pressure Webserver) that show you how to output a value to a webpage.

If you don't want to use an ethernet shield then you need to connect the arduino to the PC via a usb cable and set the PC up with a webserver (apache) and some sort of script to read the value from the arduino (there are several PHP, python and perl examples).