Display connections

Hi sorry if this is in the wrong place but didn't know where else to put this.

Is there anywhere that explains what the designations on TFT displays mean? Like what does MOSI or MISO or CS and CE mean as an example. I have tried googling but don't seem to get anywhere.

Basically I have a sketch that works well with a Nokia 5110 display but I am trying to connect a HY-TFT240_262K but the pin outs are named differently.
If it cant be done that's fine I will leave as is.


Google SPI bus.

I believe the only thing the 5110 and the TFT240 have in common is that they both MAY use the SPI bus but the programming for them is completely different. If you want to use the latter, it is better to start over again with it. Smart farts might take advantage of the SPI bus and use both together, but you would have to wonder why they would bother.

It is not obligatory to have the 5110 on SPI and it appears the same applies to the TFT240.

Might leave it as is