Display directory listing and serve files from ESP32

I have an ESP32 based system that stores monthly data in SPIFFS (havent yet tried LittleFS)
the data is stored in files that are created by the program and named by yyyymm eg 202108
so I have a root directory that looks like this

The system displays data to a web page using asynch web server and server sent events

To collect the files I'm using FTP; but I'm wondering if there is a way to display the root directory and access the file from there as a link.

I know I can serve a file with a fixed name, but cant see how to go this next step - if indeed its possible.

All help welcome

Has no-one done this?

Not me.

Maybe this dude.

Thanks Leo; I can getb the files no bother with FTP, but it involves the end user not just in accessing the readings via a web browser

but also using an FTP client to get data files when necessary.
What I'm after is to display the directory - ideally on the same page - with the filenames as downloadable links. Like this

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